Federal & State Tax Resolution Attorneys

When facing serious tax problems, whether a threat from the IRS or other issue, there is a crucial need for quality legal counsel to assist you in resolving the matter, negotiating on your behalf, and protecting your interests. One of the most dangerous situations that an individual or business owner can be forced to deal with is regarding tax issues that have gotten out of control. When you need legal counsel to protect you from the potential losses or even criminal charges related to tax issues, the Law Office of Jack Stuart Beige & Associates, P.C. can help you get the matters resolved. The firm has a proven record, impressive qualifications and a history of success in helping clients get these serious issues resolved.taxresolution

IRS Matters

Getting a letter in the mail or a phone call from the IRS can be intimidating. Nevertheless, these matters should not be ignored. Unopened letters may contain important information that could be helpful in resolving the tax issues, advice about appeal rights, or deadlines that should not be missed. Not responding to the IRS could magnify problems, not make them disappear. It is far better to seek assistance from a professional and face the issues as you work together to reach a resolution.

Our firm will analyze your federal tax matter and suggest possible courses of action given the rights and remedies available to you. Our goal is to achieve the most favorable result possible while minimizing the amount of stress ordinarily associated with tax problems.

NYS Matters

A taxpayer who receives a letter in the mail from the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance has reason for concern. Some notices contain critical deadlines. But not all do, and not all are bad news. Taxpayers should take complete advantage of their rights and remedies in the event of a dispute with the NYS Tax Department. The Law Office of Jack Stuart Beige & Associates, P.C. can help.