From Formation to Exit Strategy, Beige Law is There

At Beige Law, we advise our clients on all aspects of their business, including formation, operation, sale and termination.

The choice of business entity is a critical decision for a number of reasons, particularly with regard to minimizing taxes and how profits can be distributed. We have extensive experience in helping prospective business owners select and set up the entity that best fits their current situation and goals for the future. We work with our clients to insure that the proper type of entity is formed and all necessary business agreements are in place to make their business operate in as efficient a manner as possible.

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When the time comes to exit your business your exit strategy can be every bit as important as your overall business plan in determining how much money you ultimately earn from your business. Our firm will ensure that you have complete control over how your business is managed while you are still in charge, as well as when you decide to sell or pass it on to members of your family.

We specialize in advising family and professional businesses relative to the unique circumstances that they face.

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