Tax Problems

If You Have a Tax Problem, You Don’t Have to Deal With New York State or the IRS on Your Own!

Our experienced attorneys will represent you and determine a resolution to your tax problem that is appropriate for your financial situation.

IRS and New York State tax problems won’t go away by themselves. If you continue to ignore your tax problem, it will only get worse. New York State and the IRS will continue to add penalties and interest, and the amount you owe will continue to increase. The IRS and New York State may even garnish your salary, place a levy on your bank accounts, and seize your property in order to collect the money that is owed.

Your tax problem is probably affecting your physical and mental well-being, as well as relationships with family and friends. Our attorneys can help you resolve your tax problem and restore your peace of mind.

Remember your tax problem won’t go away by itself, but we can help you resolve it. Call our office to schedule a free consultation.

Tax Solutions

Offer In Compromise

This is a program that allows qualified individuals to resolve their tax problem for an amount that is less than the full amount that is owed to the IRS or New York State. The Offer in Compromise is a fantastic solution for many taxpayers though you do have to meet certain specific requirements. Determining whether an Offer in Compromise is appropriate to resolve your tax problem takes thorough investigation and analysis. Our office has extensive experience in analyzing tax problems to determine if an Offer in Compromise is appropriate to resolve your tax problem.

Installment Agreement

An Installment Agreement is essentially a payment plan entered into with New York State or the IRS to resolve your tax problem. Several factors must be considered to determine whether an Installment Agreement is the best solution to resolving your tax problem. Our office has the knowledge and experience to analyze your specific tax problem to determine if an Installment Agreement is the best way to resolve your situation.

Innocent Spouse

Generally, couples that file joint tax returns are held equally responsible for the payment of taxes. However, there are situations where a spouse can be relieved of the taxes due from a jointly filed tax return. Our tax litigation experts can determine whether this solution is appropriate to resolve your tax problem, achieving the outcome you deserve.

Business Payroll Taxes

If you own a business and you have failed to withhold or pay payroll taxes, the IRS and New York State will attempt to collect the past due taxes. Our legal team has experience in dealing and negotiating with New York State and the IRS and we can successfully resolve your payroll tax issue and keep your business operating.

Wage Garnishment

If you are in tax debt, the IRS and New York State can contact your employer and have a wage garnishment placed on your income, and your employer will have to send a percentage of your salary to New York State and/or the IRS. At Beige Law, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to help stop the wage garnishment, and we can negotiate with the IRS and New York State, agreeing on a payment plan that fits your unique financial situation while we negotiate a long-term solution to your tax issues.

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