Beige Law Video Series

Beige Law has produced a series of short informational videos to help answer some of your Real Estate questions.

Beige Law Home Sweet Home Inspections

Houses are more then four walls and a roof. They are made up of many sub-systems and parts and anyone purchasing any property should get a home inspection. Join Long Island Real Estate attorney Joseph Beige and Home Sweet Home Inspections Jim Jacobs while they discuss the advantages of a home inspection to buyers and current home owners.

Mortgage Options

Banks, Mortgage Banks and Mortgage Brokers…Oh My! Are you considering a mortgage loan for your new home or a refinance of your current mortgage? In this video Long Island Real Estate Attorney Joseph Beige helps explain the options available to you.

Advantages of Using a Real Estate Broker

Thinking about selling your home? A Real Estate broker or agent brings more to the table then just giving a tour of your home. In this video Long Island Real Estate attorney Joseph Beige discusses some of the “hidden” advantages to using a broker to sell your home.

Estimating Your Closing Cost When Buying a Home with Long Island Real Estate Attorney

Buying a home on Long Island can be complicated and expensive! One area that is always a concern for purchasers is trying to understand what are closing costs? How much will they be? And have I budgeted enough money for them? In this short video Long Island real estate attorney Joseph Beige helps answer those questions.

Discussing Real Estate Expediters With Accurate Expediting Services

A common issue that can stop a real estate sale cold is a missing Certificate of Occupancy. Many sellers and even some buyers have been faced with the challenge of getting a CO and never knew help was available from a real estate expediter. In today’s podcast with Christine Fey of Accurate Expediting we discuss the options available to keep the deal moving forward.

Discussing Babylon Village with Mayor Mary Adams

Considering a new home for your family? Or a location for your business?  On today’s podcast Mayor Mary Adams of Babylon Village discusses some of the advantages to living and doing business in the Village of Babylon as well as topics such as amenities, village taxes and more.

Discussing Mortgages with East Coast Capital

Considering a new home? Thinking about refinancing your current home or getting a home equity line of credit? Whether you are a first time home buyer or seasoned real estate investor, information is vital to making informed decisions. Join Long Island Real Estate Attorney Joseph Beige as he discusses mortgages, how to shop for the best one for you, tips for first time home buyers and more with Peter Browning, Vice President of Operations for East Coast Capital.

Discussing Homeowners Insurance with Epic Insurance

One of the things that all property owners have in common is insurance.  Whether you are a first time home buyer scrambling to get a homeowners policy to satisfy your lender or a decades long homeowner, the right insurance coverage is vital.  Without the right coverage you are vulnerable in the event of a loss, be it damage to the property or liability for an injury to a third party.  Knowing that you need proper insurance and understanding what it is and how to get it is another thing entirely.

In this month’s webcast Long Island real estate attorney Joseph Beige is joined by Christine McDonough of Epic Insurance to discuss the nuts and bolts of homeowners insurance.  Learn what the different types of policies are, how to mitigate risks and evaluate insurance companies.

Discussing Foreclosure Options and Help with Ian Wilder

With the end of the COVID-19 foreclosure moratorium many Long Islanders may find themselves facing the prospect of a home foreclosure and loss of their home.  Many more of our friends and neighbors are behind in mortgage payments and are living with the fear that they are on the brink of a foreclosure as well.

There is hope!

In this month’s webcast Long Island Real Estate Attorney Joseph Beige is joined by Ian Wilder, Executive Director of Long Island Housing Services.  Watch as they discuss the help and options available to those facing falling behind on their mortgage payments and those facing a foreclosure action. They also give some tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of a foreclosure help scammer.

Discussing Property Tax with Andy Wittman, Islip Town Tax Receiver

Property taxes.  Two words and a subject that every Long Island homeowner dreads.  Most homeowners don’t do much more then look at the bottom line amount due on their statement and grumble.  Still others, especially those whose property taxes are paid by their mortgage company, don’t even bother to open their tax statement at all.  Both of these are bad ideas and may be costing you money!

In this month’s webcast Town of Islip Receiver of Taxes Andy Wittman joins Long Island real estate attorney Joseph Beige to discuss why and how you should review your tax statement and tips to help you avoid penalties and save money.