IRS To Reduce Customer Service

Despite being the target of jokes for late night comedians the IRS has in the past done a fairly remarkable job of handling the 150 million individual and 11 million business taxpayers.  The IRS did this through extensive telephone and face-to-face contact with taxpayers.

Unfortunately, this appears to be ending.

On the heels of the IRS’ National Taxpayer Advocate informing taxpayers in 2015 that the many phone calls to the IRS would go unanswered we now get the news that there is “an intention on the part of the IRS to substantially reduce telephone and face-to-face interaction with taxpayers.”  No doubt that cuts to the IRS budget (approximately 19 percent in inflation-adjusted terms since fiscal year (FY) 2010 ) have exacerbated the situation.

What this means for taxpayers is that they will find it increasingly difficult to communicate with the IRS and will be faced with the added costs of having to retain professional help.

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