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New York State Power of Attorney

            Most people have heard the phrase “power of attorney” but many are confused over what it actually does and how it may be useful to them.  At Beige Law we find that many clients come to us with ideas about powers of attorney and estate planning in general that […]

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Don’t have a Will? Think again

When it comes to the issues of Wills and Estate planning by far the most common statement we hear from our clients is “I don’t have a Will.”  This statement is usually followed by “I don’t need one since everything goes to my spouse.” Both are inaccurate and potentially expensive statements. First, unless you have […]

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Drafting Wills

The firm places a primary focus on the drafting of legally valid wills. The firm recognizes these documents are a fundamental tool to ensure that your wishes are following even after death. From helping to draft a living will to figuring out health care proxies (which is essentially a medical power of attorney), their firm […]

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