Don’t have a Will? Think again

When it comes to the issues of Wills and Estate planning by far the most common statement we hear from our clients is “I don’t have a Will.”  This statement is usually followed by “I don’t need one since everything goes to my spouse.”

Both are inaccurate and potentially expensive statements.

First, unless you have a properly drafted and executed Will your property (or estate) will be disbursed as per New York State law.  That’s right! You have a Will by default.

And your spouse? Under New York State law a person who dies without a Will (also known as “intestate”) with a spouse and at least one child then your spouse would receive one half (1/2) of your estate plus $50,000.00 (with the other half distributed among your children).

The Law Office of Jack Stuart Beige & Associates, P.C. can help ensure that your final wishes are followed.  Contact our attorneys and schedule an appointment to discuss your estate planning needs.


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