Tax Attorney vs. Tax Consulting Companies

Have you noticed that as we rapidly approach the April 15th tax filing deadline there seems to be an increased amount of radio and TV advertising by so-called tax consulting companies?  Some even try to disguise themselves as law firms by using words like “associates” or “partners” in their business name.

And for those that have had an IRS or New York state lien filed against them they can add to the list the blatantly misleading letters sent to them by these companies that are designed to look like an official collection notice and warning that the recipient must call right away or face a wage garnishment or worse!

If you or a loved one are dealing with a tax issue keep in mind that its not about finding someone to represent you but finding the right person to represent you!

Consulting companies do not owe their clients the same duty of care as attorneys do. Unlike consulting companies, attorneys have both the skill and ability to access U.S. Tax Court, and only attorneys can give you legal advice.

And only attorneys (not CPAs or enrolled agents) are afforded the privilege of confidential communications.

Facing a tax issue is scary, stressful and it won’t go away on its own.  Retaining a qualified and experienced attorney can help.


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