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IRS Warns of Delays

The IRS National Taxpayer Advocate released her annual report to Congress today.  For the year 2021 the Taxpayer Advocate pulled no punches in saying “[t]here is no way to sugarcoat the year 2021 in tax administration…The year 2021 provided no shortage of taxpayer problems.”

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New IRS Rules Encourage Charitable Donations

It’s the time of year that brings out the best in us.  The vast number of charitable events such as toy drives, coat drives, food collections and such and the massive response that they garner are clear evidence of our charitable nature.

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New York State Driver License Suspensions

Many of our client are surprised to learn that New York State can suspend your driver license if you owe state taxes in excess of $10,000.00.  As you can guess they usually find this out when they get the notice in the mail.  Driving with a suspended license is nothing to take lightly.  Besides the […]

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Employee or Independent Contractor?

In today’s economy with “gig workers” and the like the question for businesses as to whether or not a person is an employee or independent contractor is more difficult to answer than ever before.  Since getting the determination wrong can result in business being charged with the unpaid employer share of the employment tax and […]

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Tax Deadlines Extended for Ida Victims

The IRS has announced that tax filing deadlines for victims of Hurricane Ida in New York have been extended.  This extension covers both individual and business filers.  The new deadline is January 3, 2022.  This extension applies to individuals and businesses located within FEMA areas designated to receive individual or public assistance. The result of […]

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Interest Rates on Underpayment of Taxes

The IRS has recently announced that the interest rate charged to individual taxpayers and corporations for the underpayment of taxes will remain the same for third quarter of 2021.  The rates will be three (3%) percent for individual taxpayers and five (5%) percent for corporations. Under the Internal Revenue Code the IRS is required to […]

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Heavy Use Tax Deadline

Are you are trucking company?  An independent trucker? Operate a bus or tour company?  If you do and your vehicles have a gross vehicle weight of 55,000 pounds or more you may be required to pay a heavy highway vehicle use tax.  The deadline for July, 2021 vehicle usage is August 31, 2021. As always […]

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Theft of Sales Tax

“We don’t charge it. We just collect it.” Most of us have seen this whimsical sign at some time or another in a store or business.  It’s the owners somewhat sarcastic, humorous way of reminding the customer that the business doesn’t charge or keep the sales tax.  Instead the business is, just as the sign […]

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The “Dirty Dozen” Tax Scams

In all the years that we at Beige Law have been representing taxpayers and solving their issues with the IRS or New York State some types of tax issues stand out more than others. None more so than the innocent taxpayer who falls victim to a tax scam. Usually, it’s a hardworking, honest person who […]

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The IRS Gets Hacked!

It can happen to anyone and now it seems it’s happened to the Internal Revenue Service as well. The IRS announced that it will be notifying taxpayers after criminals gained unauthorized access to information on about 100,000 accounts through their “Get Transcript” online application.  This information included Social Security information, date of birth and street address.  According […]

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