IRS Warns Taxpayers To Protect Their Personal Online Information

Anyone who has had their credit card number or email address hacked knows all too well the inconvenience, costs and aggravation that comes with having their personal information stolen.  And if you think that that is bad…well as the saying goes “you haven’t seen anything yet!”

Having you social security number stolen pales in comparison.   At Beige Law we have had numerous tax clients that have had their social security numbers or those of their children stolen.  Unlike a credit card or email address there is no fast and easy fix for a stolen social security number.

Recently the IRS issued a press release outlining the steps that taxpayers can and should take to protect their online presence and cyber footprint.

These steps will help taxpayers lessen the likelihood of becoming a victim of identity theft.

At Beige Law we have seen the consequences of a stolen social security number and we urge everyone to review the IRS’ suggestions.

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